church planting

Why Plant Churches?

The primary way we are working to see all 403 major university centers in the United States reached with a church-based college ministry is by planting more churches with Salt Company ministries.

Who Plants the Church?

Churches plant churches, not networks. We work with sending churches within the Salt Network to recruit, train, and send planters and planting teams to new locations. Planters don’t plant alone, they go with a staff team and a launch team that is typically 50 or more people.

How do Sending Churches prepare a Church Planter?

Church planters are taken through a two-year training and preparation process that is tailored to fit each planter and their needs. The planter process is a leadership finishing school that takes gifted, effective leaders and gets them ready to plant a Salt Network church with a Salt Company college ministry. 

Training Provided:

  • Theological clarity and communication
  • Character development and growth
  • Practical Church Planting tools and tips
  • Location evaluation and selection
  • Salt Network church essentials
  • Salt Company essentials
  • Recruiting and hiring a staff team
  • Launch team process and resources

Once a planter passes the Send Network assessment and receives the affirmation of the sending church elder team, that planter is approved to plant a Salt Network church.

How is this all funded?

The church planter training and church plant launch is funded through a combination of planter fundraising, Send Network, Salt Network, and sending church support. The planter is responsible for overseeing the overall fundraising goals and expectations, but personally is responsible for a small percentage of the total funds raised.

What are my next steps?


If you believe God is leading you to become a church planter, we would love to talk more! Complete the form below and someone from The Salt Network will follow up with you.



Church plants begin with a launch of team of individuals and families who are willing to uproot their life and move for the sake of the gospel. View where we'll be planting next below.



In order to continue the movement of church planting we need faithful givers to help us reach all 403 major university cities. Join us on this mission.

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